Innovator of passenger transport

Rideer Nordic Oy is a platform company that is on a mission to e-unite traffic operators and customers in need for charter bus or taxi transportation. The company was founded 2011 in Finland (at that time Aittakoodi Oy). 

We are a dynamic and agile player with a compact team of great people and a unique set of skills. We have an ambition to reach the stars (but we’ll start with the Nordics first).


Rideer Nordic maintains and develops a wide range of services that seamlessly connect customers in need of transport with service providers. is the leading service for online public transport orders in Finland. We offer the best price for all chartered rides. Request for quotes free of charge and reach a network of over 150 bus and taxi companies with one offer request. With a history of 10 years we have helped over 1,5 million passengers reach their destination safely and hustle free.

The leading service provider in charter rides of Sweden, offers the easiest and fastest way to get the best price for your transport. No matter if you are looking for a ride for one or 1000, we will take care of it - quick and easy! is the handiest way to compare taxi prices and place a pre-order for a taxiride of all sizes in Finland. With a country wide network of taxi and bus operators we are here to make things easy for you!

SynergyBus is an online service for charter bus and taxi companies where operators can receive requests for quotations and maximize their revenue and occupancy rate. The service is a network of over 170 operators and is the largest bus and taxi ride platform in the Nordics.

At you can compare prices and time schedules for bus and train services in Finland and move directly to booking.

Taxi numbers of Finland can be found in service. Ordering a taxi right here and now couldn't be easier, no matter where you travel in Finland.

The taxi numbers for taxi orders supported by the social insurance institution of Finland (KELA). Kela-subsidied taxiorders are channeled through pre-selected taxi companies, which are listed by municipality at

SB Drive Management System

We are developing the SB Drive Management System (DMS), which makes planning and management of orders easier and more efficient. The design and production of the service have received support from the European Regional Development Fund. The service will be published in 2022.

In the media

Over the years, Rideer Nordic has been concentrating on working hard without emphasizing itself but the media has found us a few times. -radio spot, “Liikennöitsijät koko maasta” (in Finnish) -radio spot, “Mitä murjotat” (in Finnish) -radio spot, “Turnausmatka” (in Finnish)